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Why Wedman ?
  • Get organized & Stress Free
    Planning weddings is a hectic business. There is so much to do, so many things to manage, keep a track of and plan. Managing all this in a haphazard manner only brings last minute chaos and prevent you and your family members from enjoying your wedding events fully!
  • Have control over the all planning
    You get to save time which is of utmost importance while planning a wedding. Now you can keep a track of various affairs like accommodation, events, venue, seating arrangements, guests, RSVPs, gifts, samagri for events, travel, reservations etc. under one single roof!
  • Plan wedding from anywhere at any time
    You can access Wedman application from any place and at any time via internet. It makes it easier for to organize and manage things with people spread across in the various corners of the country. Simply just log in with your account and check progress reports ad fill in details at your own convenience.
  • Designed your Dream Wedding
    You don't have to deal with nagging wedding planners anymore! You can save your hard earned money and use it more innovatively in your wedding! Take back the control of your own wedding and plan it as you desired instead of repetitive wedding ideas showcased by wedding management companies.
Everything you will need.

Weddings are made in heaven. But their preparations are done on earth only. Thus there is no need to mention that organizing weddings is not at all an easy affair. And this is the foremost thought behind the conception of Wedman. This is India's first ever online wedding manager application. Wedman which is short form for wedding manager gives you full control over your own wedding planning!

As a matter of fact, your family members too can use this easy to use wedding planning application without any hassles. Now you can plan, manage and organize things just the way you wanted without any nagging wedding planners breathing fire down your neck.

  • Dashboard
    Gives you a glimpse into what Wedman has to offer. Choose any feature listed here to begin your wedding planning! And also a total statistical data about your events, vendors and guest management.
  • Budget Management
    Manage your estimated budget with comparing the actual budget. And know the complete actual status of your money by putting budget for events separately with individual categories for venue, food, decor, shopping, invitation cards, hospitality etc.
  • Guest Management
    Manage your number of guests add them to events. Here you can receive a complete info/list of the guest via soft copy i.e; email. Also a complete list of guests coming to your events, with a separate list of who are coming and who are not.
  • Calendar
    Make a total Schedule for your events. Mark the dates, set the remainders, assign tasks to the users. Task management made easy.
  • Task Management
    Assign tasks to someone. Get a complete detail and remainders about the job done or not.
  • User Management
    Create and manage users by allocating different accounts for a single wedding.
  • Events
    Add events like sangeet, mehndi, wedding, their details, start and end dates, invitee lists etc.
  • Gifts
    gift tracking, gift allocation and received gifts with one simple tool!
  • Hospitality Management
    Keep an eye on hotel bookings, allocations of your guests.
  • Travel Management
    A complete schedule about the management of the arriving and receiving of the guests, vendors and others by allocating different type of cars at the time of events.
  • SMS/E-MAIL Setting
    Send SMS & Emails to all the users, guests, vendors regarding the events and payment info’s. Reminding them about the happenings.
  • Reports
    Get live reports of all the schedule to be done and yet to be done.
  • Vendor Management
    Add vendor details with all the payment profiles or contacts for all aspects of wedding related supplies.
  • Website
    The quickest way to create your wedding website, and share all Wedding details to your nearest .
  • Suggestion
    Our Suggestion gives you all the tips and resources you need to bring your dream Indian wedding .
  • Gallery
    View all kind of pictures related to wedding decorations or events, for your reference.
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